Is there a limit on how many people can join a channel at once?

Although we don't have a hard limit on the maximum number of user you can have in a channel, we do have a general guideline depending on the two different channel types we offer:

1. Public Chat (using Open Channels): We recommend around 2,000 users max. per channel. Typically, the conversation becomes difficulty to follow once you reach beyond this point.

For live-video streaming: We support 50,000+ concurrent viewers per channel with smart throttling/auto-partitionaing. Please reach out to us at

2. Private Chat (using Group Channels): We recommend a max. of 250 to 300 users per channel, since the read-receipts and typing indicators becomes more of a noise for private chats once the users go beyond this number. It is ideal to keep it in the low two-digits range for an optimal chat experience.

Hope this helps! :)

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