What would happen to my chat data if SendBird shuts down?

First of all, we are here for the long-run and have no plans to shutdown the service anytime soon.

We already offer data-export API for the Custom Plan customers, which the customers can use to export for backup/analysis purposes. If you want the extra comfort of having the backup of your chat data on your servers, do signup for our Enterprise Plan.

To clarify our plan of action upon the unlikely shutdown event, here is what's going to happen:

  1. In the (unlikely) case of stopping of the service, we will notify our customers of the event ahead in a reasonable time period, and will give guidelines for the transition.
  2. We will also open up our data export API to all of our paying customers in that case, so everyone can download all of their chat data. (As of now, we don't provide a message storage duration policy for the Free plans)
  3. For the Enterprise Plan customers, we will be offering hands-on technical support for data export and technical guidance on the migration to a few of the select 3rd-party substitutes available during the period of the transition. We'll be assisting anyway we can to make sure everything is super smooth from the customers perspective.

Our #1 Core Value is "Endless Tenacity for Customers" and we aim to do just that.

Hope this helps! :)

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