Is it possible to kick other users out of a channel?

Short answer: Yes - for Open Channels. But for Group Channels - No.


Open Channels

To kick a user out from an Open Channel, you can ban a user. Banning a user will prevent the user from joining the channel.

You can ban a user from the Dashboard by navigating to the Open Channels tab. In the right-side menu where online users are listed, click on the three dots beside the target user and select BAN. You can specify the duration of the ban, and also add a description on why the user had been banned.

Additionally, it is possible to use the Platform API to ban a user. Please refer to the documentation below:

After banning the user, you can receive a UserBanned event from your app’s Channel Handler/Delegate in order to handle changes in UI.


Group Channels

Kicking a user out of a channel is not possible in Group Channels. However, a user is able to block another user through the Platform API. Users will not receive message from anyone that they have blocked.

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    Manuel Alvarez

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    I have tested just now the "block" request in clients and it works. I have blocked a user from an Android phone (from another user profile) using the Android library and it works.

    I just want to block users ONLY on Server API, but it seems it is working on both Server API and Android library (not tested iOS library).

    Can you explain what is happen? because you are saying that only in Server can make this request.

    Thank you in advance.


    PD: I'm developing with SendBird 3.0.2

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