When should I upgrade from the Free Plan to a Custom Plan?

Generally, there are three cases where customers would wish to upgrade their plan.

1. You have received an email alerting you that you have exceeded your Free Plan limits.

In this case, you will risk losing your access to SendBird if you do not upgrade within a short time frame. See this FAQ for more information.

2. You would like to start using Premium Features right away.

SendBird offers a variety of features to Custom Plan customers, including Moderation Tools, File Message Thumbnails, and much more. The full list of Premium Features can be found in https://sendbird.com/pricing, and you can contact us to add these to your app.

3. You would like faster technical support response time.

While we try our best to provide flexible support for all our users, we prioritize and guarantee a high level of customer support to our Custom Plan customers. Improved support is not just limited to faster response time, but also include direct technical support in a wide range of issues. Please see our support policy at https://sendbird.com/support_policy for more information.

The full list of differences between our Free and Custom Plan is organized at https://sendbird.com/pricing.

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