Why am I not receiving push notifications?

Several conditions must be met for a user to receive push notifications.


1. Push notifications must be enabled in the Dashboard.

2. APNs/GCM configurations must be added to the application from the Dashboard or the Platform API.

3. A push token must have been registered for the user. Push tokens are typically registered automatically by the client SDKs. You can check users' tokens from your Dashboard, under the Users tab.

4. A user must be offline - they must be disconnected from ALL devices.

To check whether a user is online or offline, use the SendBird Dashboard. Under the Users tab, each user has an indicator displaying their connection status. When a user is offline here, push notifications will be broadcasted.

One common mistake is for developers have an emulator open with an active connection to SendBird - push notifications will not be sent to any device in this case!


See the documentation for further details.


If you have followed all of the steps above but find that the push notifications still aren't coming, please contact support@sendbird.com.

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